Nanyang Technological University

Keeping Our Skies Safe


The Air Traffic Tower Control Simulator was created by NTU's Air Traffic Research Management Institute and research partner, German Aerospace Centre DLR, to address the ever-growing rate of aerial activity. By educating proper traffic management, the tower is able to prevent delays and traffic congestion. The two-story high simulator is identified as one of the best in the world; offering a panoramic view of any simulated airport.

Much like real control towers, the simulator has six control positions available: communication, ground radar, airside situation, weather information system, arrival and departure management and flight plan data system. The tower also houses a Radar Simulation Laboratory that educates users on the function of radar controllers and ways to interpret data.

The simulator continues to explore new methods of improving the flow of air traffic, while finding more methods of enhance learning and management efficiency. With your help, NTU's aerospace department can equip skills to enthusiastic students who seek to keep Singapore's air traffic safe.


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