Nanyang Technological University

Putting Singapore into Space



As a result of NTU's continuous journey to improve and innovate, the University has successfully launched seven satellites into orbit as of 2017. The project began in 2011 under the helm of NTU's Satellite Research Centre; an institute in NTU dedicated to developing low earth orbiting satellites, training undergraduates and producing innovative Space technology that can benefit mankind.

The facilitation began as a study on nanosatellites; the goal soon developed into creating the first nanosatellite that would be fully controlled by students from all walks of NTU's College of Engineering. The VELOX-I was Singapore's first nanosatellite that served the purpose of retrieving high-resolution images from space and transmitting them back to Earth.

Soon after, SRC invented the solar-powered VELOX- P, VELOX II, VELOX CI and other satellites. SRC's most recent satellite was launched by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency at the International Space Station. You can also play a significant role in furthering the University's goals to drive innovative projects like this and to bring about global change.

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