Nanyang Technological University

The Battle against Diabetes


According to the International Diabetes Federation, Singapore has the second highest count of diabetics; with one out of three unaware of their condition. To heighten national awareness and healthcare, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine has assembled a global taskforce of scientists to identify and treat diabetes at an early stage.

The first step begins with identifying early biomarkers; this stage serves the purpose of taking preliminary caution before patients are directly exposed to the disease. To treat patients suffering from the diabetes at an early stage, the medical research team looks to avoid diabetic progression through in-depth studies on immune cell activity.

Arising from this research strategy, the team has formulated three research priorities that will aid the battle against diabetes:

  1. Smart drugs that slow enteric glucose absorption
  2. Paper-based diagnostics for pre-diabetes/asymptomatic metabolic disease
  3. Rapid immune cell profiling from a drop of blood by a diabetic


Even without a definitive cure to diabetes at hand, supporters like yourself can bring about change through aiding the research team's quest to stop the disease in its tracks. With your support, we can work together to enhance the health and quality of life of Singaporeans.


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