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Charting Global Frontiers: Solving Issues of Our Time. Shaping Leaders of Our Future


With an aim to augment NTU's strengths to resolve world issues, our Charting Global Frontiers campaign is built around five key frontiers – Healthcare, Sustainability, Arts, Culture & Heritage, Security and Innovation. They are designed to harness timely opportunities in research and discovery, and address present and future challenges that tackle issues of global concern.  





NTU's medical research and breakthroughs will transform the way healthcare is delivered to patients, and enhance overall quality of life. Your support will help us with new possibilities to treat and save lives around the world. Find out more




With ground-breaking green technology and ongoing efforts in eco-friendly resources, renewable energy and clean water, NTU aspires to make sustainability sustainable for the preservation, remediation and restoration of our shared environment. Partner us in creating transformational solutions to environmental challenges. Find out more



Art, Culture and Heritage

NTU continues to drive efforts in the expression and application of the arts in the various branches of creative activity and research, as well as promote and preserve our unique culture and heritage. Collaborate with our efforts to both educate and inspire. Find out more





NTU leads the charge in the development of cutting-edge technologies and nurturing of future innovation. Support our innovation journey as we chart new frontiers in the application of new ideas, discoveries and inventions. Find out more




In the face of today's complex security landscape and rapidly evolving cyber-physical world, NTU is committed to producing multi-disciplinary research on security risks, technological safety and the digitisation of the everyday. Support us in our efforts to shape the way the world works. Find out more


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