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Nanyang University (Nantah) was founded in 1955 and built on a campus donated by the Hokkien Huay Kuan. It closed in 1980 and NTU later occupied its grounds.

Being the first and only Chinese language university founded outside China, Nanyang University represents an important chapter in the development of the Chinese Overseas Communities in Southeast Asia.

The Nantah Pictorial Exhibition housed in the Chinese Heritage Centre serves to forge 25 years of memories in culture and unity. Currently the exhibition displays 130 archived photos to commemorate the University's past culture, successes and spirit.

The exhibition continues to expand on its history base by gathering old artefacts and documents to further extend its rich culture and precious moments to all. Contemporary touches like audio and visual systems are also in the works to implore a deeper connection with audiences. By supporting our cause, we can bridge generations with the NTU spirit. 

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