3D Virtual Heart Scans Soon a Reality

​3D Virtual Heart Scans Soon a Reality

Surgeons can soon get a clearer, detailed ‘live’ view of their patient’s heart when the 3D heart model technology takes off. The technology creates a virtual reality representation of the patient’s heart that is projected on a screen, capturing every beat. The 3D heart model will enable cardiac surgeons to make better pre-surgery plans, especially for non-invasive procedures. The biggest potential is its use on children whose peripheral arteries are smaller. While fluoroscopy allows doctors to see the path of the catheter, it exposes patients to radiation. Current scanning technology can only give surgeons images of the heart, the images are in 2D, which still makes depth perception tricky. The 3D heart model technology can also be used in surgeon training. It will be a far cheaper and superior option to operating on cadavers and animals.

  • Enables cardiac surgeons to make better pre-surgery plans
  • A teaching tool for young doctors
  • Offers a sense of depth over X-rays
Moving Forward:

Researchers at NTU’s Institute of Media Innovation will be working with the National Heart Centre Singapore to set up a virtual reality lab for surgical planning and doctor training. There is a better chance of success when to comes to operating on young heart patients.​

If you wish to make a philanthropic investment that will help advance cardiac surgery in Singapore, please contact the Chief Development Officer at CDO@ntu.edu.sg.


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