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University-wide Campaign

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) recently embarked on an ambitious University-wide campaign – one that would create opportunities across every school, programme and relationship; bringing the University and its partners closer in our shared commitment, not only to celebrate the extraordinary things that NTU has come to be, but also to support what more we can accomplish in the coming decades as a leader in research, teaching and innovation in Asia.

Resolving World's Issues

With an aim to augment NTU's strengths to resolve world's issues, our campaign focused on five priority pillars in line with our University's peaks of research excellence - Healthcare, Sustainability, Arts, Culture & Heritage, Security and Innovation.

Our Healthcare pillar intends to harness partnerships and support of NTU's medical research and breakthroughs in areas such as diabetes, active ageing, mental illness and infectious diseases that will transform the way healthcare is delivered to patients, and enhance the overall quality of life. Our Sustainability pillar supports NTU's ground-breaking green technology and the University's ongoing efforts in eco-friendly resources, renewable energy and clean water, for the preservation, remediation and restoration of our shared environment. The pillar of Innovation aims to obtain support for the development of cutting-edge technologies, nurture future innovation and the application of new ideas, discoveries and inventions. Our Arts, Culture & Heritage pillar will galvanize support of the expression and application of the arts in the various branches of creative activity, as well as promote and preserve our unique culture and heritage. Last but not least, our Innovation pillar will seek partnerships to support multi-disciplinary research on security risks in today's complex security landscape and rapidly evolving cyber-physical world.

Supporting New Excellence

More than ever, support towards Singapore education and research continue to impact our shared future. In NTU, collaborative partnerships have continued to pave the way for new excellence pertinent to issues of the twenty-first century. Financial aid opens up an NTU education to more underprivileged students each year. Our Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine continues to attract top students who will take on the healthcare challenges of tomorrow. Our researchers are on the front line of discovery, our arts and heritage museum collections are more accessible, and we recently launched our seventh satellite into orbit. 

Turning Philanthropy Into Impact, and Partnerships into Solutions

As we forge ahead in 2017, NTU continues to grow in new areas and seek solutions to the complex challenges facing our world today. More than ever, we seek collaborative partners who can like-mindedly understand, measure, develop and deliver solutions that address these pressing challenges. On behalf of the University, I urge all of you to join us in shaping our shared future and making tremendous impact in education, research and our world.


Victor Tay

Chief Development Officer


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