Overseas Research Internship


"My six-month internship in the Lipomi Research Group in University of California has been amazing. The lab culture is highly collaborative and supportive. I was involved in multiple collaborations on developing haptic devices using soft organic materials. I developed two haptic devices and gave a series of lessons on Arduino to graduate students in the group. I also had the opportunity to attend a conference workshop in Phoenix, Arizona. Throughout this internship, I have honed my skills in experimental design, materials fabrication and characterization, device design, electronics and device control."

- Tan Siew Ting Melissa @ University of California, San Diego, USA

Materials Engineering (Intake AY14/15)

Development of Soft Haptics


"The overseas internship was an experience of a lifetime. The wide-ranging space projects ongoing in the laboratory allowed me to learn about various aspects of the satellite engineering as well as atmospheric science. The highly international population there also provided me with a chance to work in a diverse team."

- Yap Jian Beng @ Joint-Collaboration NTU-Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Intake AY13/14)

Satellite Positioning by Signal Triangulation Aoba VELOX-IV Satellite

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