Overseas Final Year Project (FYP)



"Conducting my FYP at University of Bath under Professor Frank Marken was a memorable and enriching experience. From the overseas research project, I acquired technical knowledge and hands-on experience in electrochemical research, an area which I am interested in. It was also exciting and eye-opening to participate in my first conference. The strong support offered by my supervisor and my fellow laboratory mates and the cohesive lab culture were integral in making my stay in Bath so fun and enjoyable. In retrospect, this FYP has been one of my best experiences so far."

Leong Shi Xuan @  University of Bath, UK  

Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (Intake AY14/15)

Selective Nature of Microporous Pt@cPIM and Pd@cPIM Composite Catalysts


"Conducting my overseas FYP at Imperial College London has been an absolutely eye-opening experience. Working with Prof Hii and her group has given me an entirely new perspective and added much vigour to my passion for knowledge.  London, with its vibrancy and deep history, makes for an exciting place to live and work in, as well as to grow as an individual and as a researcher. I’m thankful to CN Yang Scholars Programme and NTU for their support for this deeply meaningful trip that I have gained so much from."

Meldon Wee Yi Shuo @ Imperial College London, UK 

Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (Intake AY14/15)

Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Activity of Cyclometalated Palladium Complexes


"As a Physics student who intends to specialize in medical physics, the proton therapy project at Paul Scherrer Institute truly excites me. I am involved in the development of a new superconducting gantry for its proton therapy facility. Within the 6-month duration of my project, I was allowed to interact with different groups of people, including the magnet group, the accelerator group, and the treatment planning group. The vibrant and friendly research experience here has taught me many valuable lessons that hopefully I could apply to the development of a proton therapy centre in Singapore."

- Shelvia Wongso @ École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

Physics and Applied Physics (Intake AY14/15)

Sensitivity Analysis of the Beam Optics of a Superconducting Gantry for Proton Therapy


"I was a part of the MoEDAL experiment at CERN for my Final Year Project. The primary focus of MoEDAL was the monopole. My work with MoEDAL involved the analysis of Monopole Data collected from experiments, making new models to predict the production of monopoles, the analysis of the Nuclear Track Detectors at MoEDAL and machine learning coupled with citizen science. In summary, it was an extremely fulling trip and my first foray into experimental and theoretical physics and I hope to continue this research."

- Ameir Shaa @ European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Switzerland

Physics with 2nd Major in Mathematical Sciences (Intake AY14/15)

Installing a milli-charged Particle Detector at Point 5 of the LHC ring


"I jumped at the opportunity to embark on another overseas experience with the support of the CNYSP Office, and since I had already lived in Europe, I set my sights on the United States and decided to find a project there. The University of Michigan was an amazing place to be; some of the best engineering research in the country gets accomplished there and the coziness of Ann Arbor (one of the best college towns) was a great peek into life in the USA. My research on workstation simulation in military vehicles let me learn so much, especially with the help of my mentor, Dr Matthew Reed. It was a wonderful way to end off my university life, and I am forever grateful to the CNYSP Office for the chance."

- Tan Young Kiat Zenn @ University of Michigan, USA

Mechanical Engineering (Intake AY13/14)

Implementing Design Tools for Military Vehicles in an Open-Source Computer-Aided Engineering Framework


"It is a privilege for me to join Professor Tom Brown's research group, experience rigorous interdisciplinary research and gain from the expertise of the researchers. I have personally experienced that research has no boundaries; both conceptually and physically."

- Chia Wan Ni Geraldine @ University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (Intake AY13/14)

Stabilizing Duplex DNA Containing Biocompatible Triazole Linkage


"CNYSP has given me the opportunity to visit University of Waterloo to pursue my interest in gravitational physics, where I work directly with experts in the field. Having people with the right expertise really makes learning the subject a lot easier and pushing boundaries become possible."

- Erickson Tjoa @ University of Waterloo, Canada

Physics with 2nd Major in Mathematical Sciences (Intake AY13/14)

Black Hole Chemistry: Thermodynamics of Hairy Black Holes in Lovelock Gravity

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