Message from the Director


Curiosity is probably the most conspicuous characteristic of an intellect. Great scientists and engineers ask unprecedented questions and break boundaries, all due to this insatiable passion. However, this alone is sometimes insufficient. Great scientists and engineers are also doers; dexterity is often required to make things happen. With both curiosity and dexterity, unlimited potential and possibilities will be released.

NTU’s CN Yang Scholars Programme aims to develop scholars embedded with both physical and intellectual dexterity. This programme is named after Prof Chen Ning Yang, a Chinese born American, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1957 for his trailblazing discoveries in particle physics.

We have a unique interdisciplinary curriculum that allows our scholars to be well trained in a broad range of sciences. Our scholars are then exposed to vast opportunities to learn and apply their knowledge to practical problems. They are encouraged to think creatively and express their ideas individually and as a team. We give every scholar limitless opportunities for personal growth, enriching and molding them into intellectuals. Our scholars will have the chance to work on cutting edge research projects in different fields, as well as meeting some of the greatest scientists and engineers alive. As iron sharpens iron, interactions with world-class scientists and engineers will burnish their ideas and intellectual capabilities.

Since 2006, our doors have been opened to the brightest of minds that are passionate about science and engineering. We want you! I hope you may be part of our company of stars and illustrious alumni.

Prof Tan Choon Hong,  Director of CN Yang Scholars Programme


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