SolidWorks workshop

Cool new products are being developed every day, from sleek smartphones to futuristic electric automobiles. Ever wondered how they were designed, and want to get started on creating the next big thing today? This workshop may just be what you've been waiting for.

SolidWorks is a user-friendly computer-aided design (CAD) software widely used in both academia and industry for the design of prototypes and products. Its parametric feature-based approach to 3D modelling is intuitive and allows users to get started with minimal training.

This workshop will instruct you in the basics of parametric 3D design, including a guided tutorial in creating 3D printable designs. Stay tune to sign up for the workshop to turn your ideas into reality!

*3D printing knowledge not included.

    A group of 3 residential mentors planned and trained the students in the skills required to effectively use the SolidWorks programme in preparation for the 2016 Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions.

2016 Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions

Organised by the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing (SC3DP), the 2016 Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions challenged aspiring designers to create eyewear and shoes that combine both creativity and functionality. The SolidWorks workshop was organised to equip the participants with the necessary skills to design such fashion wear.

Fully sponsored by Garage@CresPion and mentored by the Garage@CresPion 3D printing mentor team, we have two CN Yang teams who participated in the eyewear competition, under the tertiary category.

Assisted by our 3D printing mentor team, Tan Young Kiat Zenn, a 3rd year CN Yang scholar, designed a Google glass-inspired monocle that is forward-looking and fashionable yet functional as well. His inspiration stemmed from the recent trend of wearable technology such as smartwatches as well as the rumours of Google Glass.

"The Garage mentor team was extremely willing to help and give guidance. Edgar always answered my emails and questions whether he was in the Garage personally or not, and I learnt a lot about the actual printing process that we, as designers, do not usually see. I found out that the filling inside the 3D piece can be customized to different densities, which makes sense for early-stage prototyping to save material. It was a fruitful process and now that I have a piece under my belt, I am more than ready to explore further!" – Zenn Tan

The monocle by Zenn Tan is inspired by the Google glass concept and is simple in its lines, with a foldable shaft.

On the other hand, Ang Kheng and his group wanted a design that speaks to everyone, which led them to their design consisting of various iconic Singapore landmarks. Some of these include Gardens by the Bay, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and the Marina Bay Sands (MBS).

"The mentors at Garage@CresPion were extremely helpful. On many occasions, we thought we had everything going well for us. However, thanks to the mentor's input, we figured that something was missing. In 3D printing, such forecasting ability is extremely helpful as materials are not cheap and taking hours to print something that was not intended for is precious time wasted. We learnt quite a fair bit on SolidWorks and was introduced to useful features such as auto tracing! Apparently, a sketch can be auto generated on SolidWorks as long as a suitable image is utilised. How useful!

This pair of spectacles wouldn't have been possible without anyone of us. One can only do so much. As a team, we achieved beyond our imaginations. Another important lesson for us is that learning never stops. The sheer number of features is SolidWorks is overwhelming and mastering all of them would probably take more than a lifetime. While we didn't emerge as the winner eventually, we are happy to have participated and we are all winners in our own rights." – The Visioneer group

Designed by (from left) Roselyn Yeo Yan Ling, Ong Zhen Ai Delia , Pang Chen Hui, Ang Kheng and Li Yanling, this eyewear is a three-piece spectacles enthused with iconic Singapore elements such as the Singapore Flyer, MBS and the Changi Airport.

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