MATLAB workshop

‚ÄčHave a great idea in mind but need to prove that it works without building an expensive prototype? Or perhaps you're a person of science and have a ton of data from experiments that needs to be analysed and visualised? MATLAB may be just what you're looking for!

MATLAB is a general-purpose platform for computational mathematics supported by numerous toolboxes that makes the most essential algorithms from signal processing to optimisation, to the simulation of dynamical systems readily available for implementation in your projects. It comes with built-in graphical tools to help you get the most out of your data and results.

The MATLAB workshop will familiarise you with the MATLAB programming environment and equip you with the basic knowledge of the MATLAB scripting language. An email from Garage@CresPion regarding the sign up procedure will be sent out prior to the workshop so stay tune!

Mentor explaining MATLAB algorithms to students, as the trainer Mr. Kah Hong Jun, residential mentor of CresPion Halls, lectures on the MATLAB concepts.

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