Arduino kit workshop

‚ÄčIn the modern world of efficiency, automation is key. At the heart of these automation lies the humble microcontroller. Arduino is a simple easy-to-use microcontroller that can be coded to perform a series of instructions such as sensing and responding to physical stimuli, e.g light. It is an easily customisable platform, allowing users to modify functions of electronics and creating endless possibilities for its applications!

The Arduino workshop is designed to teach complete beginners on the basics of using an Arduino kit, followed by some introduction to sensing and motor control. It will then be rounded off with an automated motor race to apply the skills learnt during the workshop. This workshop has been conducted by one of our residents, and prior experience is not required! So do look out for the email from Garage@CresPion regarding the sign up procedure!

Trainer Mr. Ong Bee Lee, a 2nd year CN Yang scholar, assisting the participants in troubleshooting the set-up of the Arduino. Participants testing out their remote control bumper car, controlled by Arduino through simple coding.

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