Curriculum Overview

  • ​​Year 1 curriculum with multidisciplinary courses such as Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Climate Change and Research Experience.

  • Pre-research training as early as Year, 1 through Introductory Research Methodology.

  • Innovation-driven projects such as Making & Tinkering during Year 1 Special Terms.

  • Research attachment for two continuous semesters at NTU research institutes or external laboratories.

  • Overseas Final Year Project from 5 to 8 months (at least 80% return airfare, accommodation, meals, insurance and visa fees will be covered).

  • ​Courses to enhance and breadth and depth of learning such as Writing and Reasoning, Ethics and Enterprise, Innovation & Leadership.

  • PhD at NTU or Joint PhD with partner university (optional). Minimum CGPA of 4.00 for application of a scholarship from NTU. 


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Curriculum Overview

Engineering Curriculum Overview.PNG


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