NTU IT Rules for Student User Accounts

  1. At all times the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) reserves the right to review, suspend or terminate any account.
  2. The computer facilities provided to user account holders by the NTU shall include hardware, software and computing domains under the control of NTU including the provision of computing facilities via the campus network (Network). The Network includes wired network connection, wireless network connection and remote connection to access its computing facilities.
  3. Any act prohibited by the rules will be construed as misconduct as defined under Statute 24 of the University Statutes and Regulations and will be grounds for disciplinary action. Disciplinary action includes fines, suspension of the user accounts, expulsion or suspension of the student from the University either permanently or temporarily. Such disciplinary action will not exclude any action taken by the proper authorities in the prosecution of any breaches of the laws of Singapore.
  4. The following acts are PROHIBITED on the computer facilities:
    1. Anything that might be considered illegal. The NTU facilities may not be used to encourage any act that will be an offence under the laws of Singapore.
    2. Accessing, storage or downloading from any source or displaying, creating or transmitting in any form and language, of any obscene, distasteful, vulgar or sexually suggestive electronic pictures or graphics prohibited by the laws of Singapore.
    3. Any use of obscene, distasteful, derogatory, vulgar or sexually suggestive or discriminatory language.
    4. Permitting other persons to use the user account or the computing facilities whether that other person is a registered or unregistered user.
    5. Unauthorised access, copying, destroying or deleting and altering or amending of data or software programs.
    6. The introduction of 'virus' or 'worm' or any software program designed to alter any data or software in the
      computing facilities.
    7. The tapping of the computer facilities or its network without the written permission from the Chief Information Officer, NTU.
    8. Copying, storage, transmission and use of unlicensed copyrighted software or materials.
    9. The transmission, display or broadcasting of electronic messages or the use of the computer facilities in any manner:
      1. to denigrate, satirise, degrade or defame any person, family, organisation, nation, race or religious group;
      2. to affect or prevent any registered users' use of the computer facilities;
      3. for commercial (as in carrying on a business), political or religious purposes, without obtaining prior written permission from the Chief Information Officer, NTU.
      4. for or on behalf of any person, party, organisation or principal without obtaining prior written authorisation from the person, party, organisation or principal AND the written permission from the Chief Information Officer, NTU.
  5. The user shall be personally liable for the maintenance of the user account and computer to prevent the occurrence of any of the above-mentioned events.
  6. NTU reserves the right to access files, review or investigate any user accounts for the purposes of compliance with the Media Development Authority Act, and the Internet Code of Practice. NTU may disclose to the proper authorities the findings of any breaches of the Media Development Authority Act and the Computer Misuse Act. Users are reminded that any violation of the Computer Misuse Act, Cap 50A, will be liable to a fine up to $50,000 or to imprisonment of up to 10 years or both. Where the violation involved protected computers i.e. computers or programs needed for national security purpose, will be liable to a fine up to $100,000 or to imprisonment of up to 20 years or both.
  7. The receipt of any transmission or electronic message of a kind that is prohibited must be reported immediately to the hotline of the Centre for IT Services (internet: http://servicedesk.ntu.edu.sg, phone: 67904357(HELP), fax: 67927892, email: servicedesk@ntu.edu.sg). Any failure to do so may result in the recipient being construed as a party to the prohibited act and may suffer the sanctions mentioned in paragraphs (3) and (6) above.
  8. Users who connect their computers to the Network shall ensure that:
    1. The computer including network adaptors are compatible with the network;
    2. The computer is configured to use TCP/IP protocol only and IP address automatically assigned by the Centre for IT Services;
    3. The computer is protected with up-to-date anti-virus software. In additional, the user must also apply the latest software security patches and service packs to their computers to prevent network intrusions or attacks exploiting the weaknesses of the computers.
  9. Users who connect their computers to the Network shall not configure the computer to
    1. share IP address with other computer nor use static IP address;
    2. provide services such as
      1. Distribution of IP addresses on the Network e.g. DHCP Server;
      2. Firewall or Router, WINS server, Mail/SMTP server services;
      3. Domain Name Server or Proxy Server services;
      4. Remote modem dial-in access services;
      5. Wireless LAN access services;
      6. Video or audio single-cast or multi-cast services;
      7. Online services such as Game Server, IRC Server, etc;
      8. Web hosting service or FTP Server services;
      9. Peer-to-peer file sharing services e.g. Kazaa, eDonkey, etc;
    3. perform abusive activities towards other computers within NTU or outside NTU. Such abusive activities may include but not limited to, performing port scan on other computers, sending SPAM mails to other internet users, depositing or connecting to Trojan horse type of software on other computers.
  10. Users shall not tamper with the Network in any manner to
    1. relocate the network outlet to another location either permanently or temporarily using extension cable;
    2. extend the Network outlets using network hub, switches, routers, NAT (Network Address Translation) or wireless base stations of any type.
  11. The Centre for IT Services may, in our own discretion, perform background scan of the Network for viruses, intrusion attacks and system vulnerabilities. The Centre for IT Services may also inspect the files on computers connected to the Network for evidence of breach against the laws of Singapore.
  12. While every care would be taken to provide proper service with the Computing Facilities, NTU disclaims all liability whatsoever, for any loss of data howsoever caused including without limitation, non-deliveries, misuses, misdeliveries or for the contents, the accuracy or quality of information or resources available, received or transmitted as a result of any disruption, interruption, suspension, and including termination of the User Account. NTU also disclaims all liability whatsoever for any hardware damage during the use of this Network, as a result of any electrical disruption, acts of god or other service interruption.

Dated: 13 May 2013

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