Making Things Easy and Friendly for Campus Community

To assist students and staff better manage the huge amount of information available and keep abreast with important news and campus activities, every student and staff is provided with a convenient one-stop personal Intranet portal or 'information gateway' called iNTU. iNTU allows individuals to easily subscribe only to information which is of interest to them.

Every student is pre-subscribed to a weekly email newsletter on campus events called Campus Buzz. Student Clubs may publicise their activities and events for free on the NTU Event Calendar and Campus Buzz.

To get up-to-date information and announcements on the subjects of interests, students and staff may subscribe to other free NTU electronic newsletters, online campus notice boards, mailing lists, discussion/chat groups, student clubs' messages, Internet News, etc.

Students and staff may also publish their own personal webpages on NTU web server, and make use of free online storage for personal file sharing and team collaboration.

Tenders to provide students and staff with special discounts for computers and software are called regularly. Eligible full-time undergraduates may also apply for interest-free loan for purchase of computer.

IT Service Desk manned by the Centre for IT Services is available DAILY from 7.00am to 11.00pm to assist students and staff on IT-related matters.

Students and staff can expect more friendly online services and resources to be introduced over time as we continuously strive to make things easy and friendly for our campus community.

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