Abundant Online Services and Resources

Most administrative processes and requests, notifications and billings related to curriculum and examination matters, as well as bookings and loans of Library resources, seminar facilities, hall facilities and recreational facilities are available online via convenient one-stop eServices called StudentLink (for undergrads), GSLink (for graduate students) and StaffLink (for staff) which are accessible from the Intranet portal (https://intu.ntu.edu.sg). Some commonly used and useful eServices are also available on the mobile portal (http://mobile.ntu.edu.sg).

Teaching and learning are facilitated by rich online learning materials, discussion groups and quizzes via NTU's eLearning portal NTULearn. Ease of teaching, learning and research in NTU is further augmented by NTU's abundant online digital Library resources such as online databases, VCD based videos, video-on-demand systems, past examination questions, journal extracts and scholarly publications.

Live video web casts of interesting seminars, campus events and news are regularly made available via NTU campus-wide network. Every personal computer on the campus network is video-enabled to receive multiple concurrent video streams.

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