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Many universities today have systems in which the campus community can be quickly connected and notified of incidents and situations. Such mass notification and alert systems are used when the University needs to contact staff and students, both on or off-campus. The situation might involve an announcement, reminder, emergency, an urgent matter or school information related issues. Blackboard ConnectTxt is a mass notification system that allows faculty to send an SMS broadcast to faculty and students in their course site.

For the use of faculty, Blackboard ConnectTxt can be accessed within the NTULearn Learning System under the Course Tools of their course site as Send SMS.​


By using ConnectTxt, course instructors can send time critical course related messages to students via SMS that is independent of internet connection.

Some possible uses include:

  1. course related matters like last minute changes in a lecture details like change of venue, class cancellation / postponement, etc.
  2. reminders of deadlines for report submissions
  3. eLearning Week matters
  4. emergency alerts and drills, like chemical discharge or bio-hazard spillage in a building
  5. official event announcements

User Guides & Supporting Documents


Blackboard ConnectTxt Overview

Blackboard ConnectTxt for Faculty Use.pdf




  1. What are the key features of Blackboard ConnectTxt?
    On top of the basic feature of Blackboard ConnectTxt, which is SMS sending, it offers:
    • SMS notification for individual student and/or faculty, or course site groups
    • Setting SMS broadcasts at a fixed date and time

  2. What languages are supported?
    Blackboard ConnectTxt only supports ordinary alphanumeric characters. Any accented or special characters will be omitted.

  3. Do I need to request for an account to use Blackboard ConnectTxt?
    Blackboard ConnectTxt is open to all faculty and staff enrolled in a course site in NTULearn as long as their role is not a student. There is no need to request for a new account.

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