Faculty will experience a seamless transition from NTULearn to i-NTULearn. The new platform still display a very familiar NTULearn-like course structure and interface in terms of content layout. All new and existing courses will be available in the new learning system. i-NTULearn showcase a new way of doing things. It is based on faculty's needs and demands, no longer course-centric but user-centric. 


  1. What are the courses available in i-NTULearn for AY17/18 SEM I?
    All first-year courses.

  2. What will happen to my courses in NTULearn?
    Course and content developed in NTULearn will be made available in i-NTULearn. Faculty who had designed their new courses or course copied any existing courses in NTULearn will be able to access them on the new platform. 
  3. Who will assist me in technical issues?
    - School IT Seed Team
    - NSS Service Desk
    - CITS
  4. Where can I get some training?
    - Self-Learning Tutorial (click here)
    - FDS workshops (click here to register)
    - School Based Training (email request to your school's POC)

  5. If my courses have different components (assignments, grade centre, LAMS, blogs), 
    will all these components still work in i-NTULearn?
    Faculty/School IT Team should ensure their courses with the components are working. If there are issues, please escalate it to servicedesk.

  6. If my courses are only roll-out in SEM II on i-NTULearn, is it possible for me to test drive my courses on the new platform earlier?
    Yes, you can. Please inform us.

  7. If my course is for both first-year and other years students, how will it affect my teaching?
    All Year 1 students will access through i-NTULearn. All other year students should access the same course through i-NTULearn for consistency.


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