Benefits for YOU as project supervisors or project managers:

  • The eUreka project site provides an effective organizational tool. All relevant documents and information are organized in one site. Access is easy and convenient. Students and staff all share the same information.

  • It provides an excellent communication link and collaborative tool with your project student(s). It supplements your regular face-to-face sessions.

  • You can manage and administer multiple Final Year Projects, postgraduate projects and ad hoc projects easily.

  • You can provide relevant documents for the project, like previous project reports, research papers, articles, etc in the project repository. This will help to ramp-start the student’s work.

  • You can keep yourself updated of the project progress through its convenient and easy online accessibility by reading the student’s weblogs. You will be more in touch and aware of the project progress (or lack thereof) in a more timely fashion.

  • You can provide timely feedback on the project progress. As part of project supervision and its success, professors will be able to do more in less time.

  • The use of a standardized assessment rubric introduces significant levels of objectivity. This helps to implicitly moderate the assessment process.

  • eUreka provides the feature to identify exemplar project sites as reference projects. This facilitates the future reuse of project sites for further development by other groups. Such projects provide the new team with great documentation that will facilitate continual project development and enhancement within a short time.

  • Please refer to the NTULearn Knowledge Base for details on how to use the application.

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