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The Clicker technology or Learner Response System (LRS) in NTU allows students​​ to participate actively in lecture or large group presentation using a small hand-held device called a "Clicker". The device is used with TurningPoint - a polling/assessment software that collate and display instant results with graphical charts. The timely interaction provides learners a stake in deciding and shaping their learning path.


ClickersReceiver.jpg Clicker utilises radio frequency (RF) technology and work on the notion of a receiver and transmitters pairing. The receiver is connected to the computer unit with the Turningpoint software installed within Powerpoint as an add-on. All Lecture Theatres, Tutorial Rooms and Seminar Rooms are installed with the RF receivers and the Turningpoint software on the PC. Each Clicker receiver can cover a range of 60 meters and able to  support a maximum group capacity of 1,000 participants.


Any participant involved in the polling session must ensure that the his Clicker is set to the correct RF channel. This information can be easily found in all the above mentioned facilities.


Apart from Microsoft PowerPoint, Clicker requires a polling and assessment software called TurningPoint by Turning Technologies​. TurningPoint is an add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint, enabling presenter to transform passive presentations into interactive learning experience. The software also generate reports for attendance taking and further review.​

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