Learning Analytics for Faculty and Students


Learning Analytics tool is incorporated within the new NTULearn environment. This tool, powered by Blackboard Analytics, enables schools and faculty to analyse and track the academic performance, progression and learning behaviours of the students. It also provides information for students to monitor their own performance in their courses as compared to peers of the same courses.

Through the analysis of collected data, the tool:

  • encourages students to be responsible for their own learning (self-directed)
  • improves student’s online engagement
  • enables Schools/Faculty to identify at-risk students (or weaker students) for early intervention and to improve student retention
  • supports Schools/Faculty to identify and diagnose if the learning outcomes are achieved and to make just in time improvement to course design and delivery


Grade vs Activities

  • The chart lists the cluster of schools with Grade vs Activities

  • Activities pertain to number of interactions (clicks) within the course site, the number of times a student access the course site and the time (in minutes) he/she spend in the site

  • The cluster allows drilling down to a specific school

Average Item Interaction vs Course Item

  • ​The analysis show the average interactions (number of clicks) a student spend in accessing a particular course item (an assessment item in this case)
  • It display the monthly interaction for assessment for each school

  • The school can further break down into courses, with average interaction spread across months

Average Submission for Course Items

  • ​Analysis show the average submission for the various assessment type

  • It also indicate the most commonly used type of assessment in NTU

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