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Accessing Learning Analytics Report within NTULearn

Faculty can view four different analytics reports in NTULearn by going into their course site and clicking on “Control Panel > Evaluation > Course Analytics” as shown in the diagram below.


Overview of the 4 Analytics Report

Some details of the 4 reports are given below:

A. Unit At-a-Glance

This report provides summary information about an individual NTULearn course and compares it against other NTULearn Courses in the same School.

This report can help analyze how a particular NTULearn course is designed and how it compares to other courses in the same school. It also provides insight on students’ online activities within the course as compared to other courses in the same school.


B. Activity and Grade Scatter Plot

A scatterplot comparing the Grade earned in a NTULearn course against students’ interactions in the given course.

This report can help to analyze how the different student’s interactions do (or don’t) relate to the grades recorded in the Grade Center in NTULearn. The report also allows you to drill down to the Student at a Glance Report



C. Activity Matrix

This report displays grade center and activity data on a relative basis for students over the whole semester.

This report can help analyze activity and grade patterns in a course, and help find students with different usage and performance profiles, both of which can be used to support differentiated educational approaches.



D. Course Submission Summary

This report identifies the last time students submitted to the Learn course and the type of submission (Assessment type, discussion forum, blog wiki.

This report can help staff identify students who are not actively participating in the course and who may have missed a recent submission deadline. It is used to identify students who are not engaged in their courses by displaying trends and numbers of submissions compared to the average across all students in that course. Students below the average may not be sufficiently engaged in the course and may indicate the need for assistance.


Detailed description of the 4 Analytics Report

Please click on the below links to download more detailed description on each of the reports:


While viewing the analytics reports, users can also view the detailed description by clicking on "Report Help"as shown in the diagram below:



Please refer to the NTULearn Knowledge Base for details on how to use the application.

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