Dial-up Access Using Modem

he University has dial-up lines for use by student and staff to dial-in to the NTU network. All dial-in lines support (PSTN) ITU-T V.92, V.90, K56Flex, V.34bis, V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.22A/B, V.23, V.21, Bell 212A standard modems.

To use dial-up, you'll need your Network Account, a computer, modem and telephone line. Visit the Quick Start Guide to start dialling.

Modem Dial-up Numbers
The University uses "hunting" lines, very much simplifying your dial-up process. Any unused line in the modem pool will be automatically allocated to you. Our lines supports dial-in speed from 28kbps to 56kbps, auto-negotiable.

1800-794 6301
(15 Toll-free lines)
For Students Staff and Industrial Partners
6794 6301
(120 lines )
For Students, Staff and Industrial Partners
(30 lines )
For Staff only

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