Nanyang Technological University

The University is connected to the Internet. All the facilities and resources available over the Internet are accessible by authorised users on the campus network, as well as from one's home.

Read on to find out how to connect to the University network.

Campus Wired Network
Our high-speed fixed line network is available throughout campus in the halls of residence, graduate housing, laboratories and also common areas or locations like the libraries, tutorial rooms, lecture theatres. With over 25,000 network points campus-wide, you'll find no shortage of fixed line access to connect your computer to the Internet and our e-services!

No Wires Please! - NTU Wireless Network
To supplement the fixed line campus network, a campus-wide wireless network was also implemented in 2000. This high-speed wireless network enables campus users equipped with mobile devices such as notebooks and tablets to access all e-services from practically anywhere on the campus such as lecture theatres, academic complexes, canteens, reading rooms and libraries without the need of network cables. Through Eduroam service, students and staff can also gain access to wireless network at their home institution or a visited participating institution.

Accessing from Home or Anywhere - Remote Access
For off-campus access from your homes or remote sites, students or staff with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) accounts can connect to the University's resources via gateway NTUVPN or Microsoft VPNGATE.

Accessing From Mobile Phone - NTUmobile
With NTUmobile you can connect to the University's selected e-services from virtually anywhere. Make the most of your time, whether you're waiting for a train, an appointment, or travelling in a bus. Receive important messages, read your e-mail and get the latest news from that pocket-handy mobile phone of yours.

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