Signing In to NTU Wireless Network

(1) Ensure that your mobile computing device has been configured properly to access wireless network. Check here for more details.

(2) Launch the web browser, e.g. Internet Explorer, type or browse to the Internet URL you wish to go.
For example, enter in the URL field.

(3) An authentication page will be displayed for you to login to NTU Wireless Network.

  • For NTU and NIE Students, Staff or Alumni:
    Please enter your NTU Network Account User Name with the appropriate prefix in the 'Username' field as below, or without prefix but select from the 'Domain' drop-down list for your group.

    NTU staff usestaff\username
    NTU students usestudent\username
    NTU/NIE alumni useassoc\username
    NIE staff useniestaff\username
    NIE students useniestudent\username

  • For visitor:
    Please use SMS to request for a free one-day account with username and password to use NTU Wireless Network. You need to have a local-number mobile phone to do so.

  • For eduroam user:
    Please check here for connection set up.

(4) If your login is successful, the Internet URL that you have entered earlier should be displayed, as below.


Congratulations. You have sucessfully connected to NTUWL - NTU Wireless Network!

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