Recommended Wireless LAN Cards

Recommended Wireless LAN Card Specifications An IEEE 802.11b or g compatible or Wi-Fi certified Wireless LAN Card (WLAN) is all that is required to connect to NTUwireless.

You'll find many brands, models and makes of WLAN cards available today that'll work on NTUwireless.

If you're planning to buy a WLAN card for use on NTUwireless, our recommended specifications are as follows:

  1. IEEE 802.11b or 11g or Wi-Fi certified Wireless LAN card (check list here)
  2. Certified for use in US(FCC), Japan or Europe (ESTI excluding France)
  3. Supports channel 1 through 11
  4. Supports 128 bit WEP (Wired Equvalent Privacy)
  5. Supports WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)
  6. Supports 802.1x authentication

Interoperable Wireless LAN Cards on NTUwireless The following list of WLAN cards have been tested to work on NTUwireless (not necessary recommended cards). For hardware not on our list, we could not be sure it will operate well on the network.

Note: The performance of each card may vary between brands/models. Please note that our benchmark of radio performance is based on CISCO or ORiNOCO WLAN client cards only.


  2. ORiNOCO 820.11a/b Combo Card GOLD
  3. CISCO Aironet 340 Series Wireless LAN Adapter AIR-PCM340
  4. CISCO Aironet 350 Series Wireless LAN Adapter AIR-PCM350
  5. CISCO Aironet 802.11a/b/g Wireless Adapter AIR-CB21AG-W-K9
  6. yLez INLink 2001 Wireless LAN Card
  7. COMPAQ WL110 Wireless PC Card
  8. COMPEX iWavePort WL11A+ WLAN PCMCIA Card
  9. ENTERASYS RoamAbout Wireless High Rate PC Card
  10. IBM High Rate Wireless LAN PC Card 128-bit
  11. D-Link Air DWL-650 PC Card WLAN Adapter
  12. D-Link AirPlus DWL-650+ PC Card WLAN Adapter (please use long preamble in configuration setup)
  13. LevelOne 11Mbps Wireless Card WPC-0100
  14. LevelOne 22Mbps Wireless Card WPC-0200
  15. LinkSys Instant Wireless Network PC Card WPC11
  16. SMC EZ Connect SMC2632W PC Card
  17. SMC EZ Connect SMC2632W V.2 PC Card
  18. SMC EZ Connect SMC2635W PC Card
  19. RFNet PCM-01 PCMCIA Wireless LAN Card

Compact Flash (CF)

  1. Socket Wireless LAN CF Card
  2. Fulbond XI-825 Wireless CF Card
  3. D-Link Air DCF-660W CF Adapter
  4. SMC EZ Connect SMC2642W CF Card
  5. Symbol Spectrum 24 CF Card

Integrated (Chipset or Built-in)

  1. Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 (Intel Centrino)*
  2. Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 3B (Intel Centrino)*
  3. Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG (read faq)
  4. Apple AirPort
  5. Apple AirPort Extreme

* Note: In some notebook models you may have to manually activate your wireless functionality through an on/off switch. This switch is usually located at the sides of your notebook.

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

  1. HP iPAQ h4150 Pocket PC
  2. HP iPAQ h6365 Pocket PC
  3. COMPAQ h5455 Pocket PC
  4. TOSHIBA e750 Pocket PC
  5. TOSHIBA e830 Pocket PC
  6. ACER n50 Handheld
  7. BenQ P50 PDA Phone
  8. DELL AXIM X51
  9. ACER n300
  10. DOPOD 838
  11. DOPOD 818Pro
  12. O2 XDA Atom


  1. SanDisk Connect Wi-Fi SD Card H/W:2.1
  2. SanDisk 256MB + WiFi SD Card H/W:x3.0


  1. ORiNOCO USB Client

PCI (for Desktop PCs)

  1. ORiNOCO PCI Adapter (requires an ORiNOCO PC Card SILVER or GOLD. An external antenna is also recommended for a better radio performance)


Non-Interoperable Wireless LAN Cards on NTUwireless The following WLAN cards have been found to be non-interoperable on NTUwireless (last updated on 27 Jan 2005).

  1. Nokia C110 Wireless LAN Card
  2. Nokia D211 Wireless LAN Card
  3. DELL AXIM X50
  4. O2 Xda IIs
  5. Dlink DWL-G122 AirPlus G USB

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