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NTU Wireless Network provides convenient network connection in campus without the need of network cables. It supports a wide range of wireless devices while ensuring the connection is secure on the Intranet or Internet, just like on the wired network. The wireless network (capable of up to 1 Gigabit per second) enables campus authorised users equipped with mobile devices such as notebooks, tablets and mobile phones to have free access to all e-services from almost anywhere in the campus, such as lecture theatres, academic complexes, canteens, libraries and most common rooms at the Halls of Residence. However, do note that NTU Wireless Network currently does not cover individual rooms or units at the Halls of Residence, Graduate Housings or Staff Quarters. For personal wireless router policies and guidelines please refer to this link.

Wireless @ NTU

Below are the procedures for getting connected to NTU Wireless Network

Setp 1: Getting a Valid Account

Visitors Access
If you are a visitor to the NTU campus, you may have free access to the NTU Wireless Network. Please apply for a one-day account to get access.

Students, Staff and Alumni Access
If you are a student, staff or alumnus, your NTU network account can be used to login to the wireless network in the campus.

Step 2: Set Up Your Device (One-time)
Using WPA2/AES for enhanced security authentication on one of the following SSIDs:
NTUSECURE” (Note: NTUSECURE must be entered as upper-case letters)
eduroam” (Note: eduroam must be entered as lower-case letters. This SSID is not applicable to one-day account)

If WPA2 method mentioned above is not supported by your device, you can use Web page authentication on SSID "NTUWL" (Note: NTUWL must all be in upper-case letters). As the traffic transmitted under this method is not encrypted, this method is not recommended.


Setp 3: Login format to NTU Wireless Network

For NTUWL or NTUSECURE, the network account login formats are:

NTU staff


NTU student


NTU or NIE alumni / Visitor


NIE staff


NIE student



For eduroam or NTUSECURE, the network account login formats are:

NTU staff

NTU student

NTU alumni


Eduroam participating institution’s user login format will vary, please seek more information with home institution IT department for the required format.


Wireless Roaming Services Outside NTU

- Wireless @ NIE
NIE wireless network is also accessible by students and staff of NTU using your NTU network account. You'll however need the installation of a software client and a supported WLAN card (128-bit WEP or 802.1x compatible) to access NIE's network. For more details please check the Wireless @ NIE website or e-mail at

- eduroam
Eduroam (education roaming) is a location independent wireless network which allows members of participating institutions to use their unique credentials to gain access to wireless network at their home institution or a visited institution. Eduroam has a large number of members all over the world, mostly in Europe and Asia Pacific, including institutions in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, United Kingdom, France and Germany etc. In Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore and Singapore Management University are members of the Eduroam.

Check here to find out how to get connected.


For Assistance or Questions
Contact the Service Desk:
(65) 6790 HELP(4357)
Operating Hours 7.00 am – 11.00 pm GMT+8h daily

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