Configuring for iPAD (Secured - WPA2)

1. Select “Settings” on your iPAD home menu.


2. Select “Wi-Fi”


3. Enable the “Wi-Fi” if it is not currently enabled. If already enabled, proceed to step 4.

4. After Wi-Fi is enabled; Select "Other.." .

5. Type in NTUSECURE into the Name textbox. Select WPA2 Enterprise under "Security".



6. After selecting WPA2 Enterprise. Select "Other Network" to return to the previous screen, enter your login credentials and select "Join".

7. When connected, there will be a tick beside the SSID NTUSECURE.



8. To check your IP address, select the blue arrow besides the ticked NTUSECURE.


9. You have successfully connected to NTUSECURE.

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