Set Up NTU Wireless Access for iPAD

1. Select “Settings” on your iPAD home menu.


2. Select “Safari”

Ensure that the "AutoFill" option is set to"off".

It is a known issue with iPad Safari that the NTUWL login page will freeze if the AutoFill option is turnt "on".

3. Select "Wi-Fi" and enable the “Wi-Fi” if it is not currently enabled. If already enabled, proceed to step 4.


4. After Wi-Fi is enabled; Select "NTUWL" .


5. Once connected to NTUWL, the browser will be loaded automatically as below.

6. Enter your login credentials,select the approriate domain you belongs to and click "Submit" on the login page.


7. When connected, there will be a tick beside the SSID NTUWL.


8. To check your IP address, select the blue arrow besides the ticked NTUWL.


9. You have successfully connected to NTUWL.

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