Our campus network encompasses all Halls of Residence, Graduate Housing, Staff Quarters, Laboratories, Staff Offices and also common areas or locations like the libraries, tutorial rooms, lecture theatres, etc. It links an area covering over 200 hectares and more than 50 buildings on campus.

On this wired network you can send/receive e-mails, do file transfers, access our e-services, online resources and materials on the Intranet or Internet.

Network points are also provided in all rooms of Halls of Residence, Graduate Housing or Staff Quarters. This network is available 24 by 7, providing you a reliable, efficient and open, collaborative computing environment for you to communicate with others on campus and the world throughout.

Internet Connectivity for Teaching and Research
Currently, NTU subscribes to 14Gbps of international internet bandwidth which is supplemented with ​Google and Akamai caching system hosted within NTU to allow fast access of content and bandwidth saving.

In addition, via a subscription to SGIX (Singapore Internet Exchange), NTU has 10Gbps circuit to SGIX that provide direct connection to Content Providers such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, DropBox, Apple, Amazon, Adobe, Alibaba, eBay, Yahoo, Valve, ViewQwest, CloudFlare, M1 and other regional Internet Service Providers from Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia.

NTU subscribes to SingAREN (Singapore’s Research and Education network) with 10Gbps circuit which provides connection to Local Institute of Higher Learning, Internet2 and TEIN3 which is the highspeed education and research network in North America and Europe-Asia respectively.

We hope you'll enjoy exploring our campus network and the Internet beyond! Check out those links on your left now.

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