Important Notices for Users

Note: Do NOT connect your computer to the campus wireless LAN and wired LAN at the same time. You may cause serious network outages in such a setup, inconveniencing other campus users.  

Remember, if you're on wireless LAN, unplug from the wired LAN and vice versa.

The University's campus-wide computer network connects tens of thousands of computers on and off campus, including many staff and student machines in the Halls of Residence, Graduate Housing and Staff Quarters.

Network connectivity has many advantages which you will discover as you explore the campus network and the Internet beyond. But connectivity also requires that users of the network understand their responsibilities in order to protect the integrity of the system and the privacy of other users. Please:

  • Comply with intended use of the network
  • Do not violate the intended use of the network
  • Do not violate the privacy of other campus users
  • Do not copy, share or misuse copyrighted material (including software)
  • Do not use the network to harass anyone in any way
  • Do not setup your own wireless access point or base station on the campus network
  • Do install a reputable anti-virus software on your computer
  • Do patch and update your computer security/critical fixes regularly and keep your anti-virus software updated

The listing above provides only summaries of the rules and regulations governing the usage of our campus network. For the full text, please refer to Rules and Regulations

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