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MySite is a web-based business collaboration tool based on the Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007. MySite is a personal site that provides a central location for managing and storing personal information, documents, links, contents and contacts. It is also a web portal which can run tools and services such as surveys, discussion forums, and blogs.

In NTU, MySite is used basically to store information and content, as well as to collaborate with friends or co-workers. There is the public page (My Profile) to share files and information with others, and the private page (My Home) to store information and content that only the owner can access.

How to access MySite MySite is readily available to all staff and students (admitted before academic year 2010/11) of NTU. Each student is allocated 200MB of storage space in MySite, while each staff has a quota of 1GB. For students admitted in/after academic year 2010/11, please make use of your Office 365 EDU account to access SharePoint Online and Team Site.

To start using MySite, just go to For further enquiry or assistance, please contact Service Desk

How to share documents in MySite You can share your documents in MySite to your colleagues, friends or even working partners from outside of NTU. Only people you specify will be able to access the documents, and not the whole world, as with the previous version of TeamSite and MySite.

Please follow the instructions in this user's guide. For further enquiry or assistance, please contact Service Desk.

Some of the benefits that MySite can offer

  • The Documents section allows users to store and organise their documents in a central location, and provide users with a consistent mechanism to navigate and find relevant information. It also allows the use of document control and version management (check-in and check-out features). Documents are divided into Personal and Shared. Personal Document is only for personal use, whereas Shared Document is open for public access, i.e. everyone in the NTU community. Another useful feature is sharing of shared documents to external parties. Users can specify email addresses to the person whom they wish to allow permission. Expiration date can also be defined to stop the access.
  • The public and private views allow the user to control what content is visible to the public and what is private. The security features also provide users with the ability to assign permission based on security groups like 'everyone' or 'colleagues'.
  • Users can also create a central workspace known as Teamsite from within MySite so that they can share live content with team members or friends working on the same event or mini-project. One of the benefits of Teamsite is that it allows you to assign tasks and track project status. This is particularly useful when you are working on a team project.
  • Users of Teamsite are also able to create surveys where responses can be easily consolidated and tracked.
  • Users can also take advantage of the out-of-box workflows, which is available in Teamsite, to simplify everyday business activities for initiating, tracking and reporting common activities like document approval or issue tracking. This helps to define document lifecycle as well as streamline and automate business processes. For example, you can create a simple workflow process that routes a document to a series of users for approval.
  • The web part of MySite allows contents and site links to be placed centrally. This allows information to be accessed from within MySite without having to navigate to any specific location.
  • One of the key benefits of MySite is its ability to allow for tight integration with familiar clients such as Microsoft Office and Outlook 2007. This provides consistent user experience with great visibility into daily business activities. Through the MySite Web portal, a website can be established where Microsoft office files can be uploaded and distributed. The Calendar, online task lists and document libraries can also be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Users can create a discussion forum and invite friends or team members to participate.
  • Users can also create Wikis out of the box in MySites. Wikis are basically a central depository of information or a growing body of content that can be edited and updated by users freely. A security feature allows users to see all the changes made to Wiki contents and allows the undoing of these changes.
  • Users can also create Blogs which can be easily created from a template from within MySite. Blogs can contain any kind of information including texts, links, pictures, videos and other multimedia files.
  • Posting of Announcement is also one of the features available, when you want to share news or any short bits of information in MySite.

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