You'll need some setup on your own personal computer to use it on campus or from home. Check out these system configurations that'll get you started.

Recommended PC Specifications
Shopping for a new PC? Check out our recommended computer specifications here.

Configuring MacOS X Computers
For Mac users, learn how to configure your MacOS X computers here.

Wired Network Card Settings
Quick start guide on how to connect your computer to the campus wired network.

Wireless LAN Card Settings
Quick start guide on how to connect your computer to the campus wireless network.

Dial-Up and VPN Settings
Accessing from home or overseas? Check out how to connect your computer to NTU network remotely.

Email Settings
Actually your e-mail is accessible from most web browsers without the need of Microsoft Outlook client. However, Outlook client allows you to use some rich features not available in the browser version. If you want to access your NTU e-mail from Mac, iPhone or other mobile devices, check out how to set them up properly.

Adding Network Printers
Find out how to add a network printer and print to a network printer in campus.

Web Browser and Proxy Settings
To use your computer on the campus network for Internet access, you do not have to configure any proxy settings. Default setup of any type of web browsers that come with the web browser installation will allow immediate web surfing after successful installation.
Note: The supported web browser in NTU is Internet Explorer 6.x or later. Please note some of our e-Services may not work/run on other web browser platforms.

Repair Faulty Personal Computer
If you need to repair your faulty notebook/personal computer, please go directly to the on- and off-campus service and support centres for the different models.

Free Access Computers in Campus
Abundant personal computers and virtual PCs are also available within campus to facilitate you easy access to Internet and campus e-services. Find out where these Internet-ready computers are located around campus here.

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