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Campus Network Upgrade - 3 March 2003

Video streaming is increasingly used in NTU for e-learning and campus-wide information dissemination, including coverage of "live" events. To cater for this growing need, the campus network NTUnet was recently upgraded to video-enable every personal computer on the campus network to receive multiple concurrent video streams. NTUnet can claim to be one of the best high-performance computer networks in the world!

Use of Private IP Address for Halls of Residence - 1 Febuary 2003

Due to the increase in the number of network points after the campus network NTUnet upgrade, it is not possible for CITS to carry on allocating public IP addresses to Halls of Residence. Instead we have gone on to implement private IP addresses for the hostel network. The private IP addresses permits us to conserve on the limited public IP addresses that NTU has. In addition, having a private IP shields the user's machine from the Internet, that is to say, people with malicious intent would not be able to hack and perform any malicious activities on the user's machine that easily. This implementation will be carried out in phases and will largely be transparent to campus users.

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