Notices for Users

The usage of the Public Folders is subjected to NTU CITS Rules for User Accounts.

Users are reminded to post messages in the folder of appropriate subject for the benefit of the user community. For examples, buy and sells advertisements are to be posted in buy and sell folder.

Posting of un-related subject content specific to the public folder is equivalent to spamming and contravene the clause 4 (j) (ii) of NTU CITS Rules for User Accounts. We will take tough action on those, both staff and students, who abuse the use of public folders. Users will be dealt as follows:

  • First time offender - 1 week suspension from posting to public folder
  • Subsequent offender - suspension from posting to public folder and case referred to appropriate disciplinary authority

Starting New Discussion Groups
Users are invited to suggest new Public Folder discussion categories to be created under the Common (Staff and Student) folder. You may post your request at the [Setup a new folder?] Public Folder found under the Common (Staff and Student) folder. Please include the following in your suggestion:

  • Suggested Folder Name. (not too long)
  • A few lines about what the folder is for
  • Suggested category of the folder so that we can sort it under a larger heading. (for example Hall 2 comes under JCRC).

Once there are more than 5 supporters for the suggested folder, CITS will create the new folder.

Public Folder News Group - Discontinued wef 31 May 2006
With modern ways of accessing/sharing information on the Internet, the use of our public folder newsgroup for news article flow and information exchanges had dwindled through the years. In view of the low usage, it is no longer cost effective for us to support this service. As such, the public folder newsgroup and feed was discontinued wef 31 May 2006. For further information please check with our Service Desk

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