Public Folders Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who can use the public folders?
    This network is open to all matriculated students and staff of the University, including students and staff of NIE (National Institute of Education).
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  • What are the rules and regulations governing the use of public folders?
    Please READ this section Notice for Users.
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  • How do access the public folders?
    The public folders are accessible from your Outlook client or through Webmail from any web-browser. (back to top)
  • Can I do a posting to the public folders?
    Yes you can for most folders. You have no posting or reply rights to some of the official folders though. These folders are reserved for deseminating important information or announcements to the campus community and therefore not open to posting for all. You'll only be able to view/read the contents in such folders.
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  • What is the maximum posting/message size limit?
    The default maximum size of each message or posting allowed is 10MB.
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  • I came across a posting of poor taste on the Public Folder. Who do I report this to?
    Please report this to our Helpdesk or Postmaster
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