Nanyang Technology University

Important Notices for Users 
You are able to send fax messages to any Singapore fax number from E-mail Fax. The fax system integrates seamlessly with the NTUmail Server. This means that you can send your fax from your office Outlook client or from any web browser using Webmail in the world.

You can maintain a list of fax numbers in your NTUmail mailbox and make use of them at anytime. This saves you from the hassle of keeping a separate list of fax numbers in another location. All your Contacts can be kept in NTUmail with the use of Outlook Contacts.

Once a fax has been sent, you will be notified of its success or failure by email. Everything can be done from your desktop, there is no need to walk to the General Office fax machine.

Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe Acrobat documents can also be faxed as attachments. These documents will be automatically opened by the fax software before sending to the destination fax machine.

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