Overview of NTUmail+ the Renaming Service

NOTE: With effect from March 2010, new students will only be offered mailboxes on Windows LIVE (upgraded to Office 365 EDU in June 2013). This Renaming service is not available or applicable to STUDENTS or Alumni whose mailboxes are in the process of being migrated or are already on Office 365 / Windows LIVE.

For staff and alumni whose mailboxes are still on NTU Exchange Email, your default email address is your network account username appended with @ntu.edu.sg. However, this email address may not be what you like and you may wish to choose your own address. This Renaming Service allows you to choose your own mailbox email address ending with @pmail.ntu.edu.sg. The default email address ending with @ntu.edu.sg will be retained for internal applications use and for your existing contacts.

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Once you have selected your own email address ending with @pmail.ntu.edu.sg all external email recipients will see your new email address. The default email address (ending with @ntu.edu.sg) will not be visible to external recipients once you have selected your own email address.


NOTE: Your network account (email) logon username and password will remain unchanged. You will continue to use the default assigned username to logon to all the network services.

If you have more than one type of mailbox in NTU (for example you are both a staff and an alumni), you may transfer your @pmail.ntu.edu.sg address from one mailbox to the other. This is done by removing or changing the address on one mailbox and then reapplying for that address on the other mailbox. For further queries, please contact our Service Desk.

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