NOTE: With effect from March 2010, students will only be offered mailboxes on Office 365 EDUHenceforth, new application of Free lifelong Alumni email will also be offered mailboxes on Office 365 EDU. 
Check this site on how to access Office 365 EDU. 

For faculty, staff and student clubs, the University uses Microsoft Exchange - a enterprise-class messaging and collaboration infrastructure that brings campus communities together. Its integration with Microsoft Active Directory also makes managing all messaging and collaboration systems in a single, centralised directory simpler too.

To access your mailbox on the campus network, we would recommend you to use Outlook 2007 client or better. From Outlook client you'll then be able to experience and explore the full enhance messaging and collaboration feature sets in Microsoft Exchange.


You can also access your mailbox using Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) from any web browser over the Internet. Webmail offers you:

  • An Outlook-type interface with drag-and-drop capability, shortcut menus, toolbars, true hierarchy control, and rich-text editing (when used with Internet Explorer 5.0 or later)

  • Uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) i.e. https, a session-based encryption to keep the contents of your e-mail always safe and secured when you're accessing them on the Internet, campus network or the wireless network.

To start exploring, please check out the Quick Start Guide and other links on the left menu.

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