When most people think of electronic messages, they'll first think of e-mail. In NTU, we have an electronic messaging system that can do more than just delivering e-mail. You're going to be amazed with the new features, flexibility, and expanded information management capabilities the University uses. Just read on....


My E-mail
The University uses Microsoft Exchange - a reliable and easy-to-use messaging and collaboration infrastructure that connects our campus communities. No matter where you are in the world, you can easily access your mailbox using a web browser. You could even access your mails through various ActiveSync mobile devices pushed to your handsets. Students and alumni are given free life-long Office 365 accounts with access to a suite of cloud services.

Public Folders
Very similar to discussion groups or bulletin boards you see on the Internet, our public folders allow you to store messages or information that can be shared among users in campus, such as Buy and Sell, Chit Chat, etc. You can read, post or reply to messages in these folders as well! 

Listserv Mailing List
Join any mailing list of interest to receive periodic notification by e-mail whenever a new posting or announcement is available on the channels you subscribed to. This way you'll always get first-hand insight to your topics of interest on the Public Folders or interest groups.  Schools, offices and student clubs may also create mailing lists for official purposes to reach out to a large number of subscribers.



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