iNTU is an all new intranet portal that launches in early Aug 11. It serves as a gateway to NTU’s suite of information and services, and aims to play a vital role in enhancing communication and collaboration amongst students, staff and faculty.

The portal is designed from the ground-up as a one-stop, user-centric Intranet portal. Extensive efforts were undertaken gather requirements and feedback from students, faculty and staff members via focus group discussions, interviews and surveys. The result is a refreshing new portal offering a unique fluid design based on ‘channels’, enables content personalisation and features a vibrant, interactive design.

The portal consolidates disparate information and services access points by offering single-sign-on and single URL access. NTU students, faculty and staff members can now enjoy fast access to relevant information and services from a single gateway anytime, anywhere. Information publishing has also been improved to enable university’s schools and colleges to better connect with its students, faculty and staff members via personalised, time-sensitive announcements and information disseminations. For example, relevant information can be pushed to specific audience during a specified period of time during the university calendar; for example, during Freshmen Orientation or Convocation.

There is so much you can explore in iNTU. Begin your journey by login on or access it from Quicklinks of NTU home page.

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