31 Oct

From Ms Mellissa Callendre Tawin, Senior Assistant Director, Teaching, Learning and Pedagogy Division:

Hi Yoke Kheng,

I can’t thank you enough your advice and kind assistance.

You have been a tremendous help and resource to us, as we are now an independant, small division and facilitating things like these for the first time.

Thanks again for all that you do.

3 Jun

From Winnie Tan:

I would like to commend Jeremy Tan for his exemplary service. Despite his busy schedule, he made time to resolve my PC issues via remote assistance and quickly isolated the problem to an errant thumbdrive. He also kindly offered advice on backing up my work data to an external HDD. Thank you Jeremy -- both for your patient assistance and for changing my stereotypical impression of IT staff. Keep up the good work!

19 Apr

From Mrs Hazel Loh, Deputy Director, Library:

Hi Teck Tim,

Thanks very much for your quick assistance. As always, you have been most helpful and responsive.

18 Jan

From Ms Alexis Gan, Senior Librarian:

My impression on snobbish IT staff changed when Mr. Jeremy Tan patiently helped to solve my problematic Toshiba laptop which dragged for nearly 2-3 months.

During these few months, he patiently & professionally followed up on my enquiries and demands to solve the problem quickly without showing displeasure.

He is an exemplary staff who cares more about user's needs rather than wanting to close case as fast as possible. I hope more NTU staff can learn from his professional and excellent service attitude.

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