6 Dec

From Ms Elsie Lim, Senior Assistant Director, Development Office:

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the prompt and excellent work by Mr Jeremy Tan Choong Chia on Monday 6 Dec 2010. He responded to my call for help in recovering some critical documents. He came immediately and was instrumental in retrieveing the important work files.

In addition, in my other encounters with CITS, he has been very helpful. For eg. in ensuring my system has updated virus scan, as well as facilitating my request for additional admin privileges. During the period of awaiting approval, he kept me updated of the process.

He was very clear in his explanations of the procedures and process. I am very grateful for his patience.

I would like to commend Jeremy for going beyond his call of duty, and his outstanding customer service skills and communication skills.

I would also like to add a note about Ms Zhang Ai Hua, who is always very prompt in responding to my queries. My other colleagues in Development Office have also expressed similar sentiments about her great work attitude and responsiveness.

They are definitely great assets in CITS.

6 Dec

From Mr Richard Giam, Manager, Development Office:

Dear Matthew (Ding Yoke Ong)

Thank you so much for helping me to rectify so quickly the software issues of my iPhone. I must say that you have been extremely supportive and helpful all these while.

It's indeed NTU's blessing to have professional IT staff like you. Please accept my heartfelt thanks again.

Cheers to our CITS!

13 Oct

From Leung Yin Wai, Student, Nanyang Business School:

Very prompt remedy from the CITS department to unlock my account. Many thanks.

15 Sep

From Tay Kai Yuan, Student, School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering:

I am very happy with the services rendered by CITS especially to the service engineers... friendly and helpful while doing the tech support over the phone. Really grateful.

20 Aug

From Mr Lai Yew Chan, Senior Assistant Director, Student Affairs Office:

On 20 Aug 10, I requested the Applications team for a list of email addresses of full-time postgraduate students urgently, copying my email request to the IT Operations team. However, the Applications team officer Mr. Loh Koah Fong was out of the office. Nevertheless, the IT Operations team, which has no access to student records, assisted me by referring my request to Helpdesk. To my pleasant surprise, before the Helpdesk could respond, Mr. Loh responded within the same morning with the required email list.

These are not my only good "moments of truth" with the CITS. I passed up the opportunities to commend the CITS team officially in the past. This time round I feel it would be remiss of me to remain passive about conveying my accolades.

17 Jun

From Prof Loh Teck Peng, School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences:

Dear Yeow Siah

Our 6th Asian-European Symposium has come to a close on 9th June 2010. I would like to thank you and your staff for the IT support rendered to this symposium. CITS support is very much appreciated.

20 Apr

From Amy Low, Student:

I would like to thank one of the engineer, Mr Sutiono, for his help in solving my network connectivity problem. Thanks for his great service. =) Thumbs up.

20 Apr

From Yang Haixiang, Alumnus, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering:

The Helpdesk provided excellent service quality and fast response. Thanks.

12 Apr

From He Mi, Student, School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences:

Prompt reply and high efficiency, solve my problem quickly. Thanks very much.

7 Apr

From Rezwana Manjur, Student, ELH:

The Helpdesk staff is really helpful and the service is really great.

7 Apr

From Mr Muhammad Husaini, Temp Staff, Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching:

...The staff over the phone has been extremely helpful to address the issue professionally. I was updated and contacted by the (Helpdesk) staff almost regularly which reflects that they are really committed to find a solution to the cause of this problem. It was not until after office hours (about 8.10pm) that I was told my account has been fixed...

I would like to applaud and thank all the CITS staff members who helped me on that day. I am truly grateful and really appreciate all the efforts that have been put in.

Good job, guys! Once again, thank you! =)

2 Feb

From Mr Lu Jianbing, Project Officer, School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering:

Very good service! Thanks a lot!

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