11 Oct

From Ms Liw Yiling, student, School of Art, Design and Media:

To iTzone

Just to say that the newsletter is a great effort which deserves a wider readership. NTU actually provides its students with a lot of great services but they get largely ignored. But, good job!

17 Jul

Mr Liew Sai Weng, Assistant Director, Campus Security Division:

I would like to express my appreciation for Ms Soh Pheck Hah who has assisted in our project in implementing an online Call & Incident Management System which has started operation from 1 Jul 2008.

Her service and commitment to our project has been most helpful in meeting our division’s objective.”

6 Jul

From Liu Shun, student

To iTzone

Thank you so much for doing this website and offering some useful information on IT all the time.

3 Jul

From Assoc Prof Lin Zhiping, Chairman of FYP Committee, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

...For the past year or so, I had the pleasure of working with your staff Mr. Loh Koah Fong on the EEE FYP system under Stafflink. I am very much impressed by his IT knowledge, hardworking (often over the weekend and in the evening), prompt action and willingness to help. Other than the normal maintenance and operation of the above FYP system, he has also taken the extra work of meeting quite a number of new, and sometimes demanding, requirements/requests from me to improve the system, and come up many good suggestions himself as well...

Other than Koah Fong, Ms Evelyn Soong from CITS is also very helpful to our EEE FYP work ... As a whole, I find it a pleasant experience working with CITS people and certainly hope this good relationship will continue.

7 Jun

From Mr Budi Asmana Usman, School of Computer Engineering

Good and quick response to solve issue.

29 May

From Ms Kaur Kulwant, Office of Academic Services

I would like to commend Ms Zhang Ai Hua, for her diligence, IT skills, helpful attitude and courteous service she has given us in the past month. She is a responsible and efficient staff who have consistently assisted us in the configuration, installation of PCs, printers and in our IT needs.

18 May

From Professor Ang Soon, Nanyang Business School:

I received an excellent and very prompt service...

I just want to record my appreciation to the call center agent who helped me. I did not get his name, but want to commend on his very rapid response.

5 Apr

From Mr Thomas Quiggin, Senior Fellow, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies:

I have been dealing with computer help desks since the early 1990s and have never had good experiences.

However, my email account with NTU failed on me while I was in Ottawa Canada. It was critical to me to get information from my account, so I emailed the help desk from Ottawa, asking them to address the problem. Despite a series of technical problems, and the fact that I was 12,000 kms away and 12 times zones away, we were able to find a solution to the problem and get the account working. All of this was occuring while it was approaching 11 pm Singapore time.

Si Hui and Yong (Woon Yeet) are to be complimented for their dedication and creativity in finding a solution to this problem.

It was a great experience. Hopefully, NTU is treating these individuals well.

1 Apr

From Kyi Phyu Hnin, student, School of Art, Design and Media:

It's prompt, effective and efficient. When we are dealing our problems in the limited time frame, their immediate actions are in great help.

18 Mar

From Assoc Prof Low Seow Chay, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering:

Mr Mahmud and Sunda had done a good job.

The problems are solved. Thanks for helping.

11 Mar

From Assoc Prof Loh Nee Lam, Dean of Admissions:

...Our NTU online application procedure is certainly more student centric and user-friendly. Except for some cosmetic touch-up this year, our system has proven to be most efficient indeed. 3 cheers to CITS and thanks for the hours of close collaboration with OAFA...

22 Jan

From Mr Christopher Pang, Alumni, Master of Mass Communication:

Thank you so much for the quick and prompt service in helping me to convert my student account to an associate account. I was very impressed at how quickly it was done and the patience and service level demonstrated. Keep up the great work!

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