30 Oct

From Mr Robert S. Boyd, Nanyang Business School:

Upon arriving back in Singapore after a sabbatical of about 4 months, I found several significant problems in my NTU apartment -- no electricity, Starhub cable was not working, aircon was very difficult to start, refrigerator compressor was blown, AND I COULD NOT GET MY LAPTOP TO ALLOW CONNECTION WITH THE INTERNET. Since I was not a very happy camper and was jetlagged due to the over 28 hours of flying to return to Singapore, I am certain that my voice showed great irritation when I called CITS tonight. Still, your person demonstrated great skill, and even greater patience, in guiding me step-by-step to the solution to the problem. It took perhaps 35-45 minutes of effort on that person's behalf, but he solved the problem, and he left a very grateful "customer" who will sleep better tonight knowing that home access to the internet awaits when I wake up, probably around 3:30 or 4:00 a.m. Many thanks to that person whose name I think was Koh [Editor: the person was later identified to be

CITS Helpdesk staff Mr Jimmy Lim Khong Soon.]

15 Jun

From Mr Chim Kok Keong, Deputy Director, Office of Facilities Planning and Management:

I would like to appreciate the contribution and conscientious effort of Ricky in helping our office to develop the Staff Quarters Management System (SQMS). I am sure Ricky had spent countless hours to get the system going starting from scratch while we were figuring out the most appropriate requirements. He had not only understood our requirements but also gave us his suggestions. Ricky??s personal involvement makes us feel assured that he has our interest at heart. I would like to thank him personally too.
Once again, I offer my thanks to CITS for the warm support given to our office.

13 Jun

From Dr Sivakumar A I, Chairman - EID organising committee and Coordinator of MP2079:

Dear Mr Loh Koah Fong

The five weeks EID (Engineering Innovation and Design) Programme has come to an end on Monday 12th June.

The total MP2079-EID-T21 programme ran smoothly over the five weeks. Our sincere thanks for the great contribution by you from CITS in setting up EID studentlink, stafflink, marks entry system, feedback system, T21 project system, student and staff databases and host of other related activities. The entire system ran smoothly throughout the period and your response for exception request by MAE staff/students has been excellent.

General feedback has been very good.

Once again, sincere thanks for the contribution by you to MP2079-EID-T21.

10 Jun

From Ms Chua Poh Gek, Divisional Director, International Student Centre:

Hi Chang Hsien

I can see that you burnt the whole night doing the data entry for the participants who were not able to register on their own. Thank you so much and we truly appreciate your magnanimous effort to see that all goes well with the arrangements for IPhO (International Physics Olympiad).

18 May

From Mr Lee Kah Howe, Air Liquide Executive Development Program (ALEDP):

I would like to commend the excellent work and attitude of Mr. Yeow (Tow Chin) and an Asian lady (Ai Hua) in their effort in getting the network printer setup for the ALEDP program. While it is not within their regular scope of duties, they were enterprising and responsive in getting the problem solved so as to create the greatest value for a valued customer to NTU.

15 May

From Mr Chim Kok Keong, Deputy Director, Office of Facilities Planning and Management:

Dear Mr Low K K

In Year 2000, we sought the service of your office to computerize our work request system. Ms Soh Pheck Hah did such a good job that we managed to launch the system that year. We commissioned it as the Maintenance Management System. The operating system designed by her was well thought out that we could achieve efficiency in the handling of work requests. As time progressed, we expanded the system to include the Fault Reporting System and, later, the Claim Management System. These additional systems were just as challenging. It was Pheck Hah who again helped us enlarge the Maintenance Management System through no small feat.

Recently, in late 2005, there had been a change in the way we outsourced ground maintenance work. Instead of a single contractor undertaking comprehensive maintenance, we now have 3 specialist term contractors undertaking different trades of maintenance work. This change inevitably results in significant modifications to the Maintenance Management System. Through the unstinting effort of Pheck Hah, we have successfully revamped our entire Maintenance Management System. The modified system is able to facilitate maintenance work processes between OFPM and multiple maintenance term contractors effectively. Although this project requires enormous programming effort coupled with a tight schedule, we are glad that it was delivered on time with the system up and running when our new term contract kicked in from Feb 2006.

The success was possible because of Pheck Hah's dedication and commitment to see the project through. Whenever we encounter problems, she would provide clear advice and offer viable solutions for us to move forward. Such is her effectiveness and value-add. We are impressed by her professionalism.

We also wish to appreciate you and your office for the strong support given to computerize and enhance the Maintenance Management System, which is one of the most widely-used systems in the campus. We look forward to further close cooperation in similar challenging endeavours

2 May

From Yun Ni, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering:

I could not remember my password and requested for a reset of password. CITS settled it for me the very next working day. I would like to thank the help desk personnel for their efficiency.

Thank you and keep up the good work!

22 Mar

From Assoc Prof Sim Siong Leng, College of Engineering:

Dear Chiang Chey

Thank you so much for your prompt response despite the fact that you are currently in ICT serving the nation......We salute you! ...
The six schools from CoE will definitely benefit greatly from this application software, and we would like to thank you and your team in advance for the commitment and the great job done

8 Febr

From Mr Sonny Liang, Assistant Director, Office of Human Resources:

This is a simple note to thank Niang Ming for a job well done. He faired excellently considering the fact that he was roped in at the last hour.

This is also to thank Sri for her involvement in building this application. Even at the last hour before delivery, she demonstrated unreserved commitment.

We will continue to depend on your support for future projects.

13 Jan

From Mr Baharudin Nordin, Senior Digital Resource Librarian:

I would like to extend my appreciation to all the CITS staff who have assisted the Library in making the recent major PC upgrade exercise to be completed smoothly. They have been efficient and accommodating in meeting our schedule in order to be less disruptive to our students. Thank you very much.

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