14 Dec

From Mr Frederick Yip, School of Computer Engineering:

Efficient and prompt reply through email. Helpdesk is friendly and helpful. Patience in listening to the problems faced.

15 July

From Mr Edward Chan Kok Tiong, Higher Technician, Office of Facilities Planning and Management:

Just would like to thank you Gary and your staff Ai Hua for assisting in my PC problem recently. I noticed that Ai Hua was occupied in the Convo programme at that time/issue, but still turned up to solve the problem, enabled me to do my daily operation/networks communication in a short period which is much appreciated.

20 June

From Prof Choi San Shing, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering:

I am very impressed by the help given to me last weekend by the gentleman who manned the Helpdesk. Thank you very much.

16 May

From Assoc Prof Ho Duan Juat, Chairman, EEE FYP Committee:

Dear Koah Fong and Evelyn

The committee really appreciates your help for a smooth transition from August 2004 through now. We started with nearly zero system for grading, moderator assignment, oral presentation schedule and project allocation...We were very glad for your help.

We sometimes had very tight deadlines but both of you always rose to the occasion. It was a pleasure working with both of you.

Mr Goh Chiang Chey, you should be very proud of your staff for their dedication and superb customer service.

12 May

From Mr Nicholas Sim Ghee Hau, Divisional Director, Office of Human Resources:

Hi Suzie

You are indeed a very GREAT help! Your advice is clear, and on top of that, you avail possibility of further help if needed. I really appreciate your very professional assistance on matters referred to you. Once again, thank you Suzie.

13 Apr

From Ms Yew Siew Peng, Manager, Master of Public Administration Programme & Master of Science (Managerial Economics) Programme, HSS:

Our Master of Public Administration Programme was officially launched yesterday at NEC. On behalf of our MPA office, we would like to thank CITS for the excellent services rendered to our students on their network accounts and other related matters.

Once again, thank you very much for your supports.

6 Apr

From Dao Hoang Lan, Student, Common Engineering:

Toward this matter, I would say that Mr Michael Lee (Helpdesk) was very willing to attend to the problem. It is his willingness to help that I like the most. Besides, the solutions provided by him were actually very effective and helpful. He gave the instructions carefully in details, which really helped.

5 Apr

From Mr Vikram Bajaj, Honorary General Secretary, 14th Students' Union Executive Committee:

Dear Mr Koh Yeow Siah and Chze Yong

On behalf of Andy and Shawn (the two developers of iMall), and on behalf of the Union, I would like to thank you for your help and support provided to us throughout the implementation of iMall.

4 Apr

From Ms Ho Siew Ying Danielle Nat, Manager, Corporate Communications Office:

Dear Chang Hsien, Chee Fui, Ricky, Chze Yong

Thank you so much. Thanks for going the extra mile! The launch would not be possible without all of you.

3 Apr

From Ms Chan Miang Boon, Senior Assistant Director, Corporate Communications Office:

Dear Yeow Siah, this would not have been possible without your leadership, your advice and your wonderful team. Am grateful indeed!

Dear Chang Hsien, Chee Fui, Ricky and my partner in crime, Danielle - it was excellent work, superb dedication and professionalism at its best by each and everyone! Sure, this is only the beginning and we are already bracing ourselves for more challenges to come. But together, you have pushed NTU's web presence up by another notch and there'll be no stopping you when the team continues to work together like the way you did, jumping in to the rescue without reservation, putting in your heart and mind and sacrificing precious sleep to deliver what we have set our sight on.

1 Feb

From Mr Akbar Hakim, Head, Instructional Services Division, Library:

Hi Chze Yong

Thank you very much for installing EndNote on all PCs in Lee Wee Nam Library, Library 2 and Media Resource Library.
Your effort and support are highly appreciated by the Library.

10 Jan

From Mr Edward Chan Kok Tiong, Higher Technician, Office of Facilities Planning and Management:

Ai Hua came to know my PC monitor had problems few months ago, and spent effort on dealing with vendor, and provided me with another monitor for my daily operation works, she made the effort to make sure that I am still able to link the net with office and university and other agency which is much appreciated.

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