19 Nov

From Assoc Prof Eric Sung, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering:

Hi Suzie

I am very impressed with your persistence in solving a problem. Great job!

22 Oct

From Mr Chim Kok Keong, Deputy Director, Office of Estate and Amenities:

Dear Yeow Siah, Gary and Melvin

I would like to offer my deep appreciation to all of you for facilitating and helping me with Windows Installation to support the use of handheld pcs needed for my work. Your good advice and prompt action had made it possible. Melvin had also taken much effort to ensure that the setup works well. He has gone the extra mile.

Thank so much for giving me the quick and good service.

19 Oct

From Mr Vincent Teo Chin Chye, Principal Staff Officer, President's Office:

Dear Helpdesk

Thank you for the delightful swift response this morning to rectify the network problem at my office.

27 Aug

From Assoc Prof Anil Gupta, School of Computer Engineering:

We have sought the help of Mr Koh Swee Chye last year as well as this year in the registration of students for an inter-semestral course. On both the occasions, he did the requested task in a very efficient and proficient manner.

We are very grateful to him for the help rendered.

13 Jul

From Mr Choy Fatt Cheong, Librarian:

We have successfully migrated our library system to SIRSI last week and the new OPAC is now up and running. The library system migration project has been largely a very smooth operation. This is made possible by the CITS team that supported us so effectively. We are therefore extremely grateful to your team, in particular, Yeow Siah, Rahman and Terk Meng for their hardwork and unfailing support during these last few months.

Though there are still nitty-gritty things to take care of to effect a complete changeover, I am sure we will continue to have a smooth transition with the strong support from your team.

1 Jul

From Mr Seah Ben Hun, Divisional Director, Deputy President 1 Office:

I will like to place on record the appreciation of the Global Immersion Programme Team for the great support that Seng Kong gave to the team for getting the marketing campaigns, application modules, registration modules in place for the Programme.

We are very happy working with him.

11 May

From Ms Salmiah Subani, Secretary to Director, International Relations Office:

I wish to extend my personal and sincere thanks to the following, for their prompt action to my log for assistance, patience and their time in rectifying the problem. I would not want to miss by just saying thank you to them, but I felt that I would want to highlight this to your attention that they have done a good job.

Once again to Anitha, Badawiyah, Albert & Roger (Helpdesk), here's wishing you all A BIG THANK YOU.

25 Mar

From Mr Lim Boon Kiat, Senior Assistant Director (Student Services), Student Affairs Office:


Mr Koh Yeow Siah, Mr Goh Chiang Chey and Mr Lee Chang Hsien

Both Poh Guat and I find no appropriate words to thank you for your tremendous assistance in the survey. "Thanks" and "Grateful" are too ordinary to express our gratitude. Hence, we, from the bottom of our hearts, wish you best of luck and many successes.

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