Critical Communication Skills Series

​Limited slots are available on a first come first serve basis. Register for the respective workshops via the registration links found on the Calendar of Workshops tab selection. An email confirmation will be sent to students who have successfully secured their complimentary seats. Terms and conditions apply*.

Confident Professional Presentations

Every day, people from every walk of life find themselves in front of an audience presenting their thoughts and ideas. Sometimes the stakes are huge. Other times the opportunities may not be profound or life-changing, but they are always intensely personal. The process related to delivering a compelling presentation is often fraught with frustration perhaps due to a deeply-rooted confidence issue. 
This foundation workshop is designed to equip you with practical knowledge and skills that they can immediately be put to use to help boost your confidence in delivering an effective presentation. It will also equip you with communication strategies to capture the attention of the audience and engage them confidently.
Workshop Outline

  • Understand the process of preparing for a presentation and various considerations involved in the preparation phase
  • Identify presentation objective, audience needs and expectations
  • Manage and organise presentation content and structuring skills
  • Use visual effectively and prepare effective presentation slides
  • Communicate your messages/key points clearly and concisely
  • Learn specific strategies pertaining to visual, vocal and verbal skills in addressing an audience
  • Overcome mental blocks and barriers when presenting and learn to project a confident image to win audiences

Recommended Group
Year 1 students onwards
4 hours

Tell Compelling Stories at Work


Learn the profound impact of storytelling on others and the uses and benefits of storytelling at work. A good story deserves a good story-teller, thus it is important to understand how to structure and deliver your story to communicate your main message clearly and with impact.

From this workshop, you will learn about different types of stories through video examples. All participants will prepare and tell stories and receive feedback from the facilitator and their peers. Be prepared to work interactively with the other participants in this workshop.

Workshop Outline

  • Everyone Loves a Good Story
​​◦ Video Story 
​​◦ Fabulous fables 
  • ​​​​​​Making Sense of Our World
​​◦ A strategic story 
  • ​​Storytelling Structure
​​◦ A simple structure
​​◦ Four examples of story-telling techniques 
  • ​​Good Storytelling
​​​◦ Voice for atmosphere 
​​◦ Body language and facial expressions 
​​◦ Pacing of speech and the story 
  • ​​Your Story
​​◦ Story Time!
​​◦ Reflections

Recommended Group
Students who want to learn how to tell more compelling stories at work.

4 hours  

Think on Your Feet®

This is a part of the world acclaimed workshop that trains you to think on your feet and speak with clarity, brevity, & impact.

The ability to Think On Your Feet ® is a core skill. It involves getting your ideas across clearly, concisely, persuasively (and being remembered).

Everyone wants you to get to the point quickly. Think On Your Feet® introduces you to the "capsules-of-persuasion" concept. 

Workshop Outline

  • Analyse, Organise, Present Persuasively
  • Handling Tough Questions 
  • Using "Visual" Pegs as Your Structure
  • Time or Chronological progression
  • Location/places of interest analysis
  • Dividing Information into Features or Perspectives
  • Persuasion through Broadening or Narrowing Perspective

Recommended Group
Year 1 students onwards

4 hours

*Slots are on a first come first serve basis. Students who ​​​have accumulated two "no show" without valid reasons & documental proof, you will be blocked from registering for future CAO events/services for the next 60 days.

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