Professional Grooming Skills Series

​Limited slots are available on a first come first serve basis. Register for the respective workshops via the registration links found on the Calendar of Workshops tab selection. An email confirmation will be sent to students who have successfully secured their complimentary seats.  Terms and conditions apply*.

Next Step Grooming: Makeup & Hairstyling for Ladies

Learn all about haircare and simple hairstyling techniques such as how to do a french twist for an elegant look for evening or work, how to do an inverted ponytail, etc. 
A step by step demonstration of makeup techniques for work will be taught as well.  After which, you will get to have some hands-on experience with makeup.
Workshop Outline

  • Hands-on Makeup
​​◦ Discover their best colours for makeup from foundation/2-waycake to lipstick
​​◦ A Step by Step Hands-on from the foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, blusher and lipstick​
  • Hairstyling Techniques
​​◦ Demonstrate hairstyling tips based on individual hair type e.g. French twist, loose bun etc.​

Recommended Group
Year 1 students onwards
3 hrs 

Positive 1st Impressions - Professional Grooming for Career (Ladies/ Gentlemen)
Does the way you look say all the right things about you? Or could it be letting you down?  Know where you are, and the image you wish to project. Learn how you can make the most of yourself by understanding image destroyers and how to overcome them, dressing for your body shape, your lifestyle and your personality, especially for job interviews and at work.  Find out your best accessories to go with together with your winning attire.
Discover how the right colours make an amazing difference to the way you look and feel, and help you to achieve different looks for different occasions. Enjoy the new confidence from knowing you look your best and impress interviewers and people at first sight!
Workshop Outline
How To Create A First Good Impression At The Job Interview

  • Beware of Image Destroyers e.g. messy hair, scruffy shoes, stains on clothes etc.

The Colour Theory

  • Facts and Psychology about Colours
  • The Harmony of Colours in what we wear to look our best and look creative
  • Powerful & Moderate Colour Choices

Your Business Wardrobe

  • How to dress for that job interview
  • Best Choices for Interview Attire from jacket suit, shirts, ties, skirt, pants, shoes, handbags, accessories, watch etc

Dress Codes
  • ​​Understand the difference between Formal/ Lounge Suit/ Business Attire/ Casual Smart / Dress-down

Recommended Group
Year 1 students onwards
3 hrs

​Positive 1st Impressions - Professional Grooming for Career (Ladies Only)
This workshop is designed to help students sharpen their professional image and competitiveness in today’s business world.

Covering the 3 core grooming topics – shapes, shapes and colours with hands-on practice, you will learn how to pick winning pieces that flatter your image quotient instantly.

This workshop also includes a bonus topic on skincare in which you will learn how to care for your skin using the right skincare routines as well as choosing the right products for that healthy glow.
Workshop Outline

  • Eliminating g image destroyers in everyday life
  • Understanding different body shapes for ladies
  • Determining your body shape
  • Choosing the right styles that flatter your body shape
  • Examining clothing details before buying
  • Building a wearable capsule wardrobe
  • Dressing for success with the right colours so you look younger and more confident
  • Caring for your skin with a skin care routine
  • Understanding how to read skincare labels
  • Learning DIY skincare tips for anti-ageing and healthy glow

Recommended Group
Year 1 students (ladies) onwards
3 hours 

*Slots are on a first come first serve basis. Students who ​​​have accumulated two "no show" without valid reasons & documental proof, you will be blocked from registering for future CAO events/services for the next 60 days.

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